Michel Blaquière & Denis Deschamps FCPA, FCA

Founding Presidents

Dear friends, colleagues and partners…

As Presidents of Drakkar & Partners, a company that we founded more than 20 years ago, it is with great pride that we mark the creation of a new chapter of our history… We are now launching our new division: Drakkar.

Eager to clarify our offer on the market, Drakkar is positioned in a unique way, as a specialist in Strategic Operational Outsourcing. This important turn will allow all the economy players to have a distinctive brand for our outsourcing activities and solutions.

Drakkar is the result of a strong partnership culture which has been driving us since the beginning of our business relationship. The partnership and complementarity that we have been consolidating through the years transform our vision into action… Indeed, we strongly believe that the success of organizations depends on the association of everyone’s complementary strengths. In this purpose, we surrounded ourselves with proficient and renowned experts in their respective field of competence in order to create Drakkar and offer our clients:
Operational excellence. Sector-based intelligence.

For decades to come, we wish to evolve our business practice model and create convergent sector-based opportunities that will lead to Drakkar’s primary mission: optimizing our client’s operations through Strategic Operational Outsourcing solutions.

Finally, at the dawn of this new adventure, we would like to sincerely thank each of you for the distance we have covered together for more than 20 years. New challenges are ahead and we are proud to have you on our sides to take them up!

Michel Blaquière

President and Chief Operating Officer

Denis Deschamps

President and CEO