Ekkinox – Digital offers a complete and unique range of Strategic Operational Outsourcing solutions that generate innovation, optimization and results.

The digital channel was an emerging technology just a few years ago, and today it has become key to organizational growth. Any company, regardless of size or sector of activity, can improve its performance and results simply by integrating digital technology into its business practices.

At Ekkinox – Digital, we are specialists in our field — managing major projects and day-to-day operations for organizations in interactive marketing, e-commerce, mobility and analytics. Our expertise in these areas, combined with our knowledge of the business environment, enables companies to tap into the potential of this environment for tangible, competitive benefits.

We can help you in two ways. First, Ekkinox – Digital can bring in a tactical unit to complete any project, regardless of its size. Plus we can also manage day-to-day operations and increase the expertise available to customers through resource mutualization.

Our experts are supported by a network of renowned partners and receive advanced training to ensure you always have the benefit of the latest innovations in digital intelligence.

Our promise? Digital intelligence!