Synkkro Methodology

Synchronize all factors at play

Developed over 20 years of Strategic Operational Outsourcing mandates, the Synkkro methodology structures, standardizes and synchronizes our approach, for the benefit of our clients.

Through our teams of specialists, we optimize the outcome of the operations entrusted to us by synchronizing every aspect of a given mandate, up to and including the mutualization of our clients’ various needs.

The key to our success? Synchronizing and standardizing all factors at play:

Synkkro Methodology

  • the client’s needs, expectations and objectives
  • its corporate culture, mission and values
  • the skills of the resources involved
  • the strategic and tactical aspects of operations
  • processes and programs for getting work done
  • the achievement of results and follow-ups required

Activities that are part of the Synkkro methodology

  • Listening to, discussing and understanding our client’s needs
  • Brainstorming, innovating and proposing a tailor-made solution, including service levels
  • Modelling and implementing a complete plan based on objectives
  • Putting in place operational measures of excellence, performance indicators and human resources
  • Applying a continuous improvement program

Our methodology is effective and proven: it delivers concrete results.