Tourism, Leisure & Entertainment

Drakkar – Tourism, Leisure & Entertainment is a major player in the public and private sectors. We are specialists in operational outsourcing of both activities and departments. In a spirit of partnership, we assume full responsibility and accountability for the activities we take on. Working with our corporate partners, we develop key performance indicators that measure success. Our management approach involves dialogue and close working relationships, and we remain focused on objectives and results, as well as meeting the client’s needs and expectations.

The client is central to our mission and commitment, but Drakkar – Tourism, Leisure & Entertainment goes even further, exceeding expectations: with our concern for operational excellence, we pay close attention to our client’s clients. Why? Because we take care of every angle of customer service, we ensure the effective and efficient administration of operations entrusted to us and we care about the continued well-being of the actors and stakeholders around us.

Over time, Drakkar – Tourism, Leisure & Entertainment has made its mark for the skill, expertise, passion and dedication of its people. This strength allows our team to keep tackling new challenges and help advance our clients’ business. Our ability to respond quickly to our clients’ circumstances is responsible for the reputation for quality we have acquired over the past 20 years.

Our customers: the core of our business and commitment!