Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

Drakkar – Transportation, Distribution & Logistics is a leader in supply chain logistics and strategic operations management with locations in Canada and the United States. Through innovative and sustainable solutions as well as application of best practices, we bring complementary synergy, resources, expertise and technology to management and optimization of motion of goods.

In an economy characterized by globalization and dynamism, mastering freight in supply chains is a key challenge. Companies are expected to get the best resources instantly and react swiftly to change. Strategic Operational Outsourcing allows this flexibility while providing highly valuable performance gains.

In order to achieve peace of mind, supply chain Strategic Operational Outsourcing is a sustainable investment and a source of continuous improvement in operational effectiveness. Our clients achieve substantial savings by focusing on their core business, changing fixed costs into variable ones through mutualization of needs such as: inventory challenges, logistics coordination, qualified workforce scarcity, delivery deadlines, and many others.

Our goal? Your peace of mind!